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Hatrick Hero

£75 - Three 45 minute golf lessons.

Ideal for the golfer who wants to develop and focus a certain area of their game.

E.g. Putting, driving etc.

Remember the more you practice the luckier you get!

Keys points highlighted and notes emailed.

Lessons can be taken outside or in Golf Swing Studio

Your Golf Has No Limits: Cleobury Mortimer Golf Club is home to the Golf Swing Studio featuring Sky Trak technologies.

Full simulation play will be available so you’ll never have to worry about cancelling lessons because of the weather.

There is no extra charge to use the studio for lessons, featuring the amazing Sky Trak technologies which measure the parameters that matter. Side angle, spin axis, back spin, launch angle and ball speed are all detected. Sky Trak accurately captures the ball flight so you can see real shot shape and carry distance and is used by some of the best golf coaches from around the globe.

All purchases come in the form of vouchers which will be sent to your address and have an 8 month validation period from the date of purchase.


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