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Below are some Testimonials from clients before Trust Pilot. 

I have only had 7 lessons but I have gone from averaging 105 shots per round (I have only been playing 12 months) to consistently shooting in the low 90’s. The thing that has impressed me the most is that David is genuinely interested in helping me improve and is always available for a chat or email. If I struggle through a round I will email him and when he has the opportunity he goes out of his way to ensure he responds with notes and feedback to make sure I am swinging the way I was in the lessons After every lesson I always go away striking the ball better and with more confidence. The emailed notes is also first class. With David's guidance I look forward to breaking that elusive 90.

Dale Warner

Dave, I would like to thank you sincerely for the recent series of 7 lessons. I really appreciate the courtesy, tact, patience and expertise you demonstrated during our sessions. As a results I believe I have made some great progress in all areas of my game 

Kevin McLoughlin

I approached Dave as I was struggling with my short game, I decided to try the Lucky 7 package and Dave put a structured 7 week program in place. Dave has restored my confidence, in particular my driving and putting. I would certainly recommend Dave to any golfers looking to improve in a well managed and structured way'. 

Bert Ferguson 

I have just completed a course of 7 lessons under the tutelage of David Pain, which I have enjoyed enormously. I feel I have made real progress and have more confidence in my game thanks very much to his clear and concise instruction technique. I shall have no hesitation in recommending him to other colleagues looking for help with their game.

William Sutherland 

I signed up for a lesson package with Dave about a year ago, my handicap had come down a little but I had got stuck at 12. Dave has worked wonders with my putting and has taught me some different options around the greens, finally we worked on my longer irons, and a session in the swing studio. Dave makes the lessons enjoyable and everything is explained in simple terms with great pictures and videos of what you have covered to sum up the lesson. It's great to be able to see what you are doing wrong and what you are doing right. My handicap has now come down to 7 with Dave been an important part of that. 

Ashley Cook

Before having lessons with David I had tried lessons with other coaches but nothing really clicked into place. I’m sure if you ask David he would agree that I have the potential to be good but lack a little consistency. Through regular lessons we seem to have turned a corner and my golf has come on leaps and bounds. His relaxed manner and the technology at his disposal make for lessons to be enjoyable yet informative. I would recommend David to anyone who is getting into golf or just striving to get better.

Andrew Wilkins

After suffering with the dreaded shanks I was on the verge of packing the game in. On the advice of Adam and Ashley Cook I took up some lessons with Dave. Fast forward a couple of weeks and I now have my name on two CMGC Major Trophies, a place in the Men’s Handicap Team and a six shot reduction to my handicap.

Matt Fairman